Monday, September 16, 2013

Leveling in hell

17301746Broken Wings by Cameo Renae

Emma’s world is falling apart, and Kade, the only one who seems to hold her together, is missing. With death lingering right outside their door, decisions must be made before it’s too late.

The Midway has refused to send help, so they are left to seek out the only other who can stop Lucian.

A perilous quest sends Emma and a few Guardians into the Underworld, where the unimaginable abide, to beseech the Prince of Darkness himself. Lucifer.

Now, they must endure the deadly levels of Hell, which not one …mortal or immortal… has ever survived.

Prepare for love, loss, and the unexpected

Rate & take


This author has a knack of pulling the plug on a story just when the tension and plot reach there height. She must be the darling of her publishing house as she keeps 'em coming back for more that way. I know it's working on me!!

So at the end of the book blurb above when it says to prepare for the unexpected....maybe I should have listened. This next book (whenever it will be published) better resolve the unexpected or...or...nothing...I'll still keep reading the series but I'll complain about the wait right here on this blog. You've all been warned. :=)

Here is my review of the first book in this series.

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