Monday, September 23, 2013

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Baby Love              AND        Be My Baby                by Andrea Smith

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Baby Love;

'Baby Love' is the sequel to 'Maybe Baby' and follows the twists and turns in the lives of the handsome young attorney Trey Sinclair and his soon to be wife, Tylar Preston.

The second volume in this series finds Trey and Tylar the proud parents of a baby girl; they are in love and engaged to be married. Soon after the wedding bells chime, Tylar discovers that her nightmarish past will continue to haunt and threaten her new found happiness with her family. She fears for the safety of her baby and the sanity of herself.

There will be many surprises in store not only for Trey and Tylar; but for Gina and Tristan as well. The love and intimacy shared between husband and wife as they continue down their passionate path of discovery will bond them ever closer.

Be my Baby;

This book is the third and last installment of the 'Baby Series' trilogy. This book follows the continuation of Trey and Tylar Sinclair's poignant story of love and passion.

It has been a sometimes bumpy road thus far, but they have always found the strength they needed in each other . . . however, they are put to the ultimate test in this book.

They discover that there are those that would like to destroy the loving relationship they have by death or at the very least, infidelity. Trey and Tylar's love and commitment to each other is put to a tragic test in this book. Will they be able to survive the unexpected tragedy that befalls them? Will the strength of their love, the depth of their commitment to each other and the ability to forgive draw them ever closer?

Rate & take


Heat Index  1 ☼   (Would have been higher if scenes weren't so repetitive)

I had the books already so I felt compelled to read to the conclusion of the series. It was a strange ride. This was the first series where instead of the writing improving with each book (or at the very least staying  the same) I think the writing actually got a bit worse with each book. (See my review for book one of the series in the post below this one).

I had difficulty with how some of the bigger challenges the characters faced seemed too easily resolved, and the characters personalities were never explored too deeply. (I find it nice when you find out so much about a character that you feel in a way that you know them and can even sometimes antipate how they might react in certain situations, that did not happen here, there was very little understanding of the characters motivations). There was also a great need for a proof reading, for simple words like 'main' instead of 'mail' or 'our' instead of 'out', etc. I am not sure if these books were self published but that would explain it if they were.

Now what I did like...the author put in more plot twists than I usually see in a story and that is what kept me reading along, I wanted to feel that high when the next unexpected event popped up. I'm not sorry I read the series and I do think with the right editor this series could be so much more.

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