Monday, June 24, 2013

O.k. vibes only

Good Vibrations (Welcome to Paradise, #1)Good Vibrations by S.L. Scott

I grab her exploring finger just as it reaches my happy trail—a trail that if I let her wander down further will lead us to do things we can’t take back. Things like three-word phrases being confessed that would end me if I was rejected. Things like selfishly wanting to own her body and doing things to her that would make my fantasies blush. And things like making her promises too soon that won’t do either of us any good. She makes me want a future that’s not possible, and one I don’t deserve.

Listening to my ego got me into this situation. Will listening to my heart get me out?

Rate & take


Heat Index    1  ☼

There was some sweetness but much of the story telling was basic, just enough character development to get by, some steamy scenes thrown in with all the angsty ones, it just didn't gel together and knock me out. I also think it is interesting that the passage above was the one chosen for the book blurb, that it's steamy and without much substance does not speak well for the read. Here is what I did like: It was set in Hawaii, what I did learned of the two main characters was enjoyable, and finally (and darn it!) the few pages of teaser they gave us from the next book, which will be out in September of this year, is when it seems the real conflicts begin to divide our couple. So book two will most likely have to hit my reading list.

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