Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sad Camper

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) Mystery Man (#1) by Kristen Ashley. Full blurb.

My rating: ♥♥

Summary: Woman with crazy half-sister get gets dragged into some very scary situations thanks to sis. Will her savior be the hot detective, the hot leader of the motorcycle gang, or the hot guy who has visited her for booty calls over the last year or so?

My take: The story did have some real promise...and I did really like the main characters, and that is the only reason I am giving this book 2 hearts. As for the rest I would have loved to edit the hell out of this book, in parts it was too repetitive or overly descriptive, actually getting in the way of my imagination and disrupting the reading flow. Less is more I would say to the author if I had the chance, or maybe she knows that by now since she has written lots since this book...too bad I can't stick around to see how that worked out for her.

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