Friday, August 9, 2013

Still Arranging

The Arrangement 9 (The Arrangement, #9)

The Arrangement 9 by H.M. Ward

When Avery finds out that the cowboy who requested her services for the night is Marty, things take an unexpected turn. If Avery declines her friend, she'll be in trouble with Miss Black, but if she accepts--this could mean a new, normal relationship and saying farewell to Sean forever.

Rate & take


Heat Index  1 ☼

Oh my dear Avery sure seems to get deeper and deeper right into the waiting arms of trouble of every sort. It seems the story had narrowed her into quite the corner.

The author has said she does not know how many more will be in this series, at $2.99 each on Amazon this is a costly way to read what is basically serial short stories...but damn I love them too much to give it up now!!

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