Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scratching the itch

It takes multiple media sources to keep this book lover happy!!

To that end I would like to share with you a few links that I enjoy when trolling for 'The' next book.

1) The NY Times Bests Sellers List - My go-to for all the happenings in the publishing world.

2) GoodReads - In the past if I wanted to know more about a specific title before reading, I would go to the customer reviews section of a certain on-line retailer....but so many of the reviews were by anonymous people and I didn't feel that was a trustworthy source. With GoodReads I feel confident about the reviews because each are made by registered members of the site. GoodReads has many other cool perks like the ability to follow your book reading friends, join reading and discussion groups, and so much more.

3) The Book Show - Hosted by my local public radio station and down loadable for your enjoyment. Each week a different author is interviewed. Even if you find the book is not your reading cup of tea, the interviews themselves are wonderful because you get to hear about what the creative process is like for that author.

I hope you are able to take a few moments and enjoy one or more of the sites above.

Off Topic - While I know this blog is a needle in the haystack of the blogging universe I have noticed that a few people have taken a gander at this site from the U.S., Germany, and Russia. No matter how you found me I want to say thanks for coming and I hope you keep checking in. I will do my very best to keep the reviews and book news coming.

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