Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beyond interns

After the Internship By Brooke Cumberland 


Sometimes happily ever after isn’t quite what it seems. Bentley and Ceci thought they had their happy ending, but not everything or everyone will be as it seems. Fortune and fame have a price, and when the past comes back to ruin their perfectly, stable family, how will they recover their once epic love story? You thought their story was over, but it was only the beginning.

Rate & take

Just missed getting a 2 and 1/2

I think maybe I went one book too far. The story had its moments of interest but over all the magic of the earlier intern books was buried and this is kind of the ever after you get when two people need to live in the reality of the work world. Not sexy to read about, strangely. But as I said it did have decent moments so I won't totally go nuts tearing it up. It did provide closure from the first three books and I always appreciate that in a read.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Slow starting fast finisher

House Immortal By Devon Monk


One hundred years ago, eleven powerful ruling Houses consolidated all of the world’s resources and authority into their own grasping hands. Only one power wasn’t placed under the command of a single House: the control over the immortal galvanized....

Matilda Case isn’t like most folk. In fact, she’s unique in the world, the crowning achievement of her father’s experiments, a girl pieced together from bits. Or so she believes, until Abraham Seventh shows up at her door, stitched with life thread just like her and insisting that enemies are coming to kill them all.

Tilly is one of thirteen incredible creations known as the galvanized, stitched together beings immortal and unfathomably strong. For a century, each House has fought for control over the galvanized. Now the Houses are also tangled in a deadly struggle for dominion over death—and Tilly and her kind hold the key to unlocking eternity

The secrets that Tilly must fight to protect are hidden within the very seams of her being. And to get the secrets, her enemies are willing to tear her apart piece by piece.…

Rate & take


This is the first book in the House Immortal series and I am hooked. It didn't start out that way, the way it started was slow. I've read and loved another series of the authors, Allie Beckstrom, so maybe my brain was already expecting the writing to be a certain way. As if I had more of a familiarity with the authors writing style that I guess I actually do. What I did find was a fresh story that, once I got over my own roadblocks, had me powering right through until I turned the last page to no more story. The book recently came out so I'm in for yet another wait...but a wait that I feel is well worth it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interning trio

The Intern Volume 1-3 By Brooke Cumberland


She’s sexy, fierce, and a loud-mouthed know-it-all…and she’s completelyoff limits.

Cecilia isn’t your typical college student. Hell, she isn’t a college student at all, but that doesn’t stop her from applying for one of the biggest and prestigious enterprises in the Midwest. She wants it. She takes it. She doesn’t let anything get in her way when it comes to finding out the truth.

When Bentley Leighton, soon-to-be CEO of Leighton Enterprises, meets “Ceci,” he’s instantly impressed. He doesn’t have time to train a new intern. However, when he sees her that first day, his intentions begin to change. He’s the boss. She’s the intern. Nothing can happen. It’s against the company rules. Then again, some rules were made to be broken. What starts as innocent flirting becomes raveled up into so much more—secrets, lies, deceit.


My cock noticed her before I did. She came out of nowhere. Completely unexpected.
And I let her in…unwillingly. But she gave me no choice. She sledgehammered my thick walls, leaving me charmed by her knowledge, and seduced by her beauty.
I was captivated. And now…it was about to tumble down in a tsunami of lies.
Uncertainty riveted my core as my anger spread…she was impossible to forget.
After all, she was still my intern.


I should’ve known. I should’ve listened to my gut. But I didn’t. I listened with the wrong head. And where did it get me? Secrets. Lies. Deceit. She embodied them all. Deceived her way into my company. Lied about who she was. Kept secrets from me after convincing me I could trust her. Those walls she tore down are back up in full force.
Cold. Angry. Unforgiving. She was no longer my intern. She was no longer mine.

Rate & take


I liked the premise, an 18 year-old with the demons of a past tragedy that motivate her well beyond her years. It was a good start and propelled the plot along for a decent while. Then the initial fire seemed to fizzle out into something of an average plot. Still interesting, but lacking its earlier 'it' quality. However this did not detour me from ripping through these three novella length titles.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Small book, big bang

Twice the Growl By Milly Taiden


Talia Barca needs a date. Badly. She uses the services of the Paranormal Dating Agency hoping for a decent guy to take to a family wedding. A wedding her ex-husband has wormed his way into as a guest.

Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. She's sexy, curvy and funny. But she's human. And they're not sure she'll go for a relationship with two men at the same time.

As if deciding to give two men a shot wasn’t difficult enough, Tally will also need to deal with a threat from the pack. She'll either prove she's strong enough to be an Alpha mate or find herself at the mercy of a vicious opponent.

Reader Warning: This book contains lots of scorching sex (including a threesome so hot it will make your ereader sizzle), adult language (hanky panky with no dirty talk is no fun), and violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with some sarcasm and two hot men on one curvy girl, then this is the book for you.

Rate & take


I've taken the liberty of putting in bold the 'reader warning' that was posted in with the book blurb, it states the situation better than I could....and has the benefit of being very accurate. I won't lie, I did enjoy the book and it did sizzle. It also has the bonus of being cute in parts too. If you like your reads hot and brief this book should be something you put on your TBR (To Be Read) list or your ereader queue. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No rocking here

Rocked By Taryn Elliott


Love definitely wasn't on the setlist.

Opening for their idols on their first tour, Oblivion is living the dream. Mostly. Frustrated at being shoved out of his mediator role by their new manager, Deacon McCoy loses himself in brutal workouts. He only comes up for air long enough to refuel—and to tease the deliciously cute chef who makes him crave a lot more than what she's offering on her serving plate.

As the child of roadie parents, Harper Pruitt has heard every pickup line twice. To her, musicians are one step above the scraps on her cutting board. All she wants is to get enough experience to run her own catering company, but Deacon and his bottomless stomach are too tempting to resist. He's far from the typical rock star and before long, she finds herself experimenting with him, inside and out of the kitchen.

Apron - and panties - optional.

When Harper sees that Deacon’s dream band with his best friends may be turning into a nightmare, she can't walk away. Deacon's so much more than just a peacemaker and the man behind the bass. But she has her own dreams to chase...even if she's starting to think what she's building with him might be the biggest one of all.

Rate & take


I'm not sure what happened here. It started off so well, full of plot promise and lacking in the cheese factor. I really liked the lead characters and felt they were believable and had decent dialog. Then it seemed like the plot weakened with too much repetition of internal angst and at the same time obstacles were too easily pushed aside with a shrug and an "I'm sorry," with everyone moving along as if nothing happened. I know it's not pleasant to be involved with real life drama, but if it's going to written about it I wish the author's would please give us credit for knowing sometimes we just can't all get along.

Note: This is book one in the Oblivion series. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shrinks and ancient wolves

Conner by Miranda Stork


Erin is a young psychologist, with no time for anything but her work, and unable to remember anything about her past. She leads an uneventful life, but a lonely one, in which she secretly wishes for a soulmate...

Conner is an unusual patient who approaches her, thrusting her into a strange world of darkness that runs beneath our own. He believes himself to be a creature of legend-a werewolf. But he also draws Erin with a roguish charm, and an irresitible feeling that seems to bind them together...

Conner desperately tries to save her from an unknown evil that pursues her with a relentless passion that crosses centuries, an evil that once took her very soul away, somewhere in Erin's lost memories.

As she becomes more entwined in a series of events that will remind her of who she really is, will she make it away from the oncoming darkness unscathed...?

Rate & take


I am still a bit on the fence about this one. I liked it, but felt like so much more story could have told within the length of the story than actually was. It sure felt like it was written as book one of a series but I could not find any information to back that up.  I can't imagine the author would leave the story as is. I do feel that should I come across book two in the future I would give it a go. So maybe I'm not so much on the fence after all.