Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beyond interns

After the Internship By Brooke Cumberland 


Sometimes happily ever after isn’t quite what it seems. Bentley and Ceci thought they had their happy ending, but not everything or everyone will be as it seems. Fortune and fame have a price, and when the past comes back to ruin their perfectly, stable family, how will they recover their once epic love story? You thought their story was over, but it was only the beginning.

Rate & take

Just missed getting a 2 and 1/2

I think maybe I went one book too far. The story had its moments of interest but over all the magic of the earlier intern books was buried and this is kind of the ever after you get when two people need to live in the reality of the work world. Not sexy to read about, strangely. But as I said it did have decent moments so I won't totally go nuts tearing it up. It did provide closure from the first three books and I always appreciate that in a read.

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