Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lumping from the angst(y) reader

I've come off a high of several good books and now I'm flailing around looking to land my next few solid reads. The following selection were not it! I'm choosing to do a bulk entry because I read them fairly quickly back to back and I don't think they are totally worthy of their own entry. 

Theses books get an average rating of;

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                          With a    HEAT INDEX of 1 ☼

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Talented by Sophie Davis - This is the first book in the Talented Saga and I could have carried on with the series but it seemed like it was going to take it's time going back and forth to get to the real meat of the story. I'm too impatient to wait through that right now.

Second Chances by H.M. Ward - Read like a sappy Nicholas Sparks book (my apologies if you are a fan of N.S.)  I just want to ask the H.M. Ward, what happened?? I still love her as an author but this book was not up to her usual standard.

The Wedding Contract by H.M. Ward - It does have a cute factor that I can't deny and I did find mild enjoyment in the story but it was also a little too simplistic for me to have that satisfied feeling at the end of the story.

Sweet Renegade by Andria Large - It was a thin beach read at best. And I will share with you one bit that drove me up a wall!! In one scene the male lead opens the door for the female lead and he is in PJ bottoms, when they head to bed for sleep he is in jeans, then later gets up out of bed to get PJ bottoms out of a drawer. REALLY???!!! A little care in rereading could have taken care of that bad cut nicely. Plus there were some internal dialog scenes with the male that would never happen, real guys would never think like that. I know some authors have more of a knack for writing the opposite sex realistically, I don't think this author has that gift yet.

It could be me, maybe at another time I would have given these books a better rating, or maybe my tastes are evolving, or maybe I'm just in a weird reading place right now. I don't think I can put my finger on it so I will just carry on as usual, and hope for the best.

Confession, I did skim and jump around in two of these books (I assure you I missed nothing) because of my impatience. I just wanted to make a full disclosure on this.

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