Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I have been waiting nearly 5 years for today

How my day should start today: With trumpet's playing and Angel's singing

What my day should consist of: Once having risen (well rested from my slumber) I should have a breakfast feast set out for my enjoyment. Then onto a lovely bath to soak in scented oils. Once finished I would be dressed in the softest and finest cotton nightgown to then be arranged on the most comfortable sofa available on the planet. THEN THE DAY LONG READING WOULD COMMENCE. Of course tea trays would arrive at intervals to provide sustenance to keep reading. Then onto a fine dinner, more reading, then a blissful nights sleep knowing how wonderful this day has been.

What's really going to happen: The alarm on my phone will announce it's time to make sure Amazon uploaded my pre-purchased copy of:


I will then spend time quickly showering and getting ready for work all the while cursing my decision not to take the day off. Then I will go to work and get the very most out of every break by reading as much as I can. I will also eat my lunch this day in my hide-away spot to avoid having to smote anyone trying to interrupt me. Eventually I will be sprung from work to fetch the little one from school and race home to cook (whatever is the fastest on the menu) and then I can be free to read until my eyes or brain turn to mush, whichever comes first. Not as glamorous as my ideal version of this day....but at least I've finally got the book and I'm reading!!!!!!!

In case you have missed it the many times I have mentioned it before....I am a huge fan of the Outlander Series. This is the 8th book in the series and I finished the 7th book in the series in October 2009. So I am well over due for a fix. This isn't just a book series to me, it has gotten under my skin, into my blood and it is forever a part of me. No other book(s) have ever effected me this way.

So I ask you the question: Why haven't you read it yet!!!???

P.S. The review of this book will be posted in mid to late July as I have several entries before it to be published.

P.P.S. On August 9th in the US the cable channel Starz will premier the first of 16 shows that will encompass the first book in the series, Outlander. If you are outside the US check your local cable provider for information.

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