Monday, January 27, 2014

Witchley Fail

19088477Bishop Witches by Ruby Knight 

Savannah Martin was a college student, until she wasn't.
A handsome guy with purple eyes shows her that the world as she knows it, isn't the world she knew at all.
He introduces her to a world of sorcery and magic.
Savannah is a Witch.
A vengeful sorcerer takes Savannah's roommate as leverage, in an attempt to stop Savannah from accepting the power that is rightfully hers.
If she accepts her magic, her roommate dies. Will she choose to become a light witch?
If she doesn't, she will go back to living a completely normal mortal life and save her roommate.
But could she live a normal life after tasting a bit of magic?
Savannah has to find a way to accept her magic and save her roommate.
With a witches kiss, is she killing her friend? 

The Martin Family sorcery line dates back to the Salem Witch Trials.
The guy that introduces the world of magic also brings baggage laced in danger and persecution that has lasted decades. In a nice little man candy wrapped package, making every hour a magic hour.
Can Savannah find a way to accept her power and save her roommate, accepting her magic in the final hour?
Savannah's mom lied to her and kept any sorcery from her, to keep her safe from dark magic.
But the truth can't hide and Savannah can't deny her fate.

Rate & take


Boy was I wrong in thinking that if you used the Bishop witches as a back story to prop up your book it was sure to be a good read. Not so much in this case. There were elements of the story that did work and were solid story telling, but the reactions of the main female character were sometimes erratic and took away from enjoying the story. There were also places where obstacles were easily shrugged off and written away too quickly. So in light of my review you may have guessed I will not be returning to this series when book two is released.

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