Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Were' lovin' & more

Werewolves of New York by Faleena Hopkins


This is a stand-alone complete story with no cliffhangers. 18+

Michelle Nero is a smart, savvy, curvy brunette…and a very loyal friend. So much so that she leaves a club where she locked eyes with the most handsome man she’d ever seen, to tuck her drunken friend Rose into bed. Forgetting to have the taxi wait for her, she finds herself walking home in the dark streets of Downtown Manhattan. When an unsavory villain throws her into the shadows of an alley, a powerful someone comes to her rescue, but she doesn’t know who. She’s too busy doing what he told her to do: RUN.

When he went to the club, Nathaniel Jacobs was looking for something superficial and very, very temporary. When a pretty brunette’s skirt accidentally hikes up and mortified, she flips around and locks eyes with him…something clicks inside his chest, and there’s nothing temporary about it. Needing to have her, he stalks her to Rose’s place and it’s a good thing, too, because there he discovers her being attacked in an alley. Acting fast, he lets his wolf out and lays waste to the bad guy. But he can’t tell Michelle it was him who saved her, even when she gazes up at him and demands to know why he knows where she lives when they’ve never said two words to each other.

He can’t tell her what he is…or can he? And will his three packmates let her be the first human they’ve ever told?

Rate & take


This little novella was just the right size for a few hours of afternoon entertainment. It was a simplistic story but that did not detract from my reading enjoyment at all. This book starts the 'Secretly Among Us', series, and it seems like each guy in the pack is going to score his mate in each individual book. There are 4 hot men in the pack and as of the writing of this, three books have already been published. Next time I have some spare cash I just might grab another guy or two!

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