Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Some Laughs

Shopping for a Billionaire - boxed set by Julia Kent


No? So it really is just me. Hmm.

When you're a mystery shopper, you get paid to humiliate yourself, all in the name of improving customer service. Romance isn't in my job description. But the day I met Declan McCormick it was love at first flush. 
Until I nearly castrated him with my EpiPen.

How Hot Guy and Toilet Girl became an item involves my crazy mom, a trip to the ER, my homicidal cat, my fake wife, and true love.

Don't look at me like that. I'm just doing my job.

I'm shopping for a billionaire.

Rate & take


I remember years ago romance novel buyers would be content with chasing after the elusive millionaire, oh how times have changed. What with inflation and recent economic woes for most regular folks, we now can't afford a mere millionaire, to be worth our time he needs another comma to his stats. So as not to buy into the snobbery I try not to read any book that list the first quality of a guy by how big of a baller he is. But here is where I lapsed, and I won't ask forgiveness because 1) It won't happen again and 2) I really did get some solid laughs out of this book. Like right in the middle of cubical world (where I sit at work) laughs that I could not hold in - and made no excuses for! There was some repetitiveness in the writing but most of the time the humor helped me over that nicely. 

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