Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Knight Ended

The Forever Queen by Nicola Dorrington


Cara thought fate and the magic of the Fair Folk were done with her the night she defeated Morgana Le Fey and restored the barriers between this world and Avalon. She was wrong.

Lance is trapped in Avalon, and something more powerful and more dangerous than anything Cara has yet faced is trapped in this world. The only way to fix it is to break an ancient and powerful spell, but first Cara will have to figure out who or what cast it.

In the meantime the line between Cara’s two worlds is blurring. There are those in this world who know who she is, and have plans of their own for her future. Those plans involve treason.

Unfortunately those same people hold the key to breaking the spell and Cara will have to choose between Lance, her future, and saving the world.

Rate & take


So, it's true, the series wasn't really a series but was rather a, what? Three books are a trilogy, but what should we call a two book story?? 
I just looked it up, a two book story is called a duology. Not as cool of a word as trilogy, but it's what we have to work with.
About this book, I liked it but it lacked a thread of magic that ran through the first book and some of the conflicts felt a bit too easily solved. However the author did mention the possibility of offshoot books so that lesser characters in the duology could have their turn in the sun too. I think I would be game to read them too!

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