Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mars love continues

Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham


The Neptune Grand has always been the seaside town’s ritziest hotel, despite the shady dealings and high-profile scandals that seem to follow its elite guests. When a woman claims that she was brutally assaulted in one of its rooms and left for dead by a staff member, the owners know that they have a potential powder keg on their hands. They turn to Veronica to disprove—or prove—the woman's story.

The case is a complicated mix of hard facts, mysterious occurrences, and uncooperative witnesses. The hotel refuses to turn over its reservation list and the victim won’t divulge who she was meeting that night. Add in the facts that the attack happened months ago, the victim’s memory is fuzzy, and there are holes in the hotel’s surveillance system, and Veronica has a convoluted mess on her hands. As she works to fill in the missing pieces, it becomes clear that someone is lying—but who? And why?

Rate & take


I was so excited to get not one, but two books within a year that sprang from the Veronica Mars movie, based on the fabulous, but sadly defunct television series of the same name. Rob Thomas (author and Producer) seems to deliver whether on screen or page. I can't get enough of Veronica's snarky, intelligent, razor sharp wit, and I hope I never will. You can find my review of the first book, here. 
The books are a part of the Veronica Mars series but I think they can be read as stand alone's. As for this book it was all smooth writing and great plot that I wish had gone on and on. I have no idea when I will see a next book...but mentally I am already waiting in line for it!

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