Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two lawyers walk into a bar, one Vamp, one Were*

9533378Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Atticus O’Sullivan, last of the Druids, lives peacefully in Arizona, running an occult bookshop and shape-shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound. His neighbors and customers think that this handsome, tattooed Irish dude is about twenty-one years old--when in actuality, he’s twenty-one centuries old. Not to mention: He draws his power from the earth, possesses a sharp wit, and wields an even sharper magical sword known as Fragarach, the Answerer.

Unfortunately, a very angry Celtic god wants that sword, and he’s hounded Atticus for centuries. Now the determined deity has tracked him down, and Atticus will need all his power--plus the help of a seductive goddess of death, his vampire and werewolf team of attorneys, a sexy bartender possessed by a Hindu witch, and some good old-fashioned luck of the Irish--to kick some Celtic arse and deliver himself from evil.

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*I'm no good with the jokes but I could not resist this line and also to highlight a plot point that I found especially amusing. As you might guess, the Vampire handles the evening legal business and the Werewolf handles the day business. A great business model and very valuable to a druid who could and does find need of such twenty-four hour services. The suits are not a large part of this story but certainly add more color to an already colorful cast of god's, monster's, demon's, and witches who rarely peacefully coexist under the Arizona skies. Oh, and did I mention our main character owns a bookshop??? That sells tea and other fun things? The cool factor abounds in this read, as does the entertainment. That is why I just started reading book two in the series. This time I was lucky enough to find a series that is already well established in number published. Happy reading to me!!

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