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So I'm reading this book and am all excited because it's book three and I'm going to find out all the answers and see how everyone ends up....and I'm really turning the pages and getting closer and closer to the end (but oddly no closer to a resolution) and that's when it happened. I turned a page and suddenly it wasn't story anymore it was the author's after blurb. I quickly turned the pages back and forth, did I miss pages, is my digital book defective? Nope and nope were the answers, so I quickly scanned the authors comments only to see a sentence that says something about 5 books. Five books? Five Books! How and where I got the idea that this was a trilogy...when it's actually a series, I will never know. But it went a long way to explaining why the author was bringing none of the story to a close, and I am glad it turned out not to be a rush ending....but now I have to wait not once more but twice more for the books to come out so I can finally know how the story will end. Sigh.....I'm not the kind of girl that does waiting all the well.  I want what I want when I want it! O.k. now that I have revealed a less perfect side of myself let's get on with the review!

The Spirit Well (Bright Empires, #3)The Spirit Well by Stephen R. Lawhead

My rating

My summary

This is book three in the Bright Empire series (now that I have figured that out) and continues the travel jumps of a whole host of people (via the ley lines all over our planet) some of which are using their knowledge for good and some for evil.

My take

I love this series and the folks in it. The plot is especially gripping in part due to the fact that they are often removed from each other by not just the distance of miles but by being in different eras within time. I first learned about the existence of ley lines several years ago and have been fascinated ever since, so this story captured and kept my attention. For those who want to learn more about ley lines, click here. Interestingly this book present the idea that nothing that happens in our lives is coincidence or accidental, each happening was designed to provide us with some specific experience or knowledge. I really like books that both entertain and make you think.

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