Saturday, May 16, 2015

Note from a thrifty reader

If you have stopped by this blog a time or two, you may have noticed I have a pretty decent reading habit going. Since my buying habit is large, and the money to support it is not, I look to many sources for discounts. (I should note here that I read mostly digitally, so my suggestions may not helpful to you if you read bound books.)
In addition to the multiply daily emails I get with the current days ebook deals (see the "Booky sites" page just below the Book Bliss banner for a full listing), I have recently subscribed to a service called, Scribd. For a reasonable monthly fee I have free range to download books, audio books, and comics. So far my picks have more than paid for the monthly fee when compared to the current purchase price of each download. Also, in many areas the local libraries are now offering access to their catalogs digitally, check your local library for details.

I say, read more, pay less!!! 

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