Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bookish Confessions

I've seen similar features on other book blogs and enjoyed them so much I thought I would give it a go here. These are a few random facts about my book reading life.

I tend to go on book buying binges at times when life gets so busy and I have little or no time for actual reading. I guess I just need that connection to books no matter how I go about it.

I love the look of dust jackets on hardback books but find I am not coordinated enough to read a book with one on. So I would take the jacket off, store it in a safe place and put a book sock on the book to keep it protected until I was finished and could reunite book and jacket.

For a period of about 15 years I chose to read nothing but non-fiction. Then a few years ago at a co-workers suggestion I read my first fiction book in a very long time...and I have never looked back. Now most of my reading is fiction and I couldn't be happier!

I was in the midst of a really, really good book, the kind that is almost impossible to put down. I was also scheduled to go into a monthly meeting for a hour or two where I was expected to sit and listen to the same things I heard last month. Since I wasn't going to get any real work done I figured I would be productive in my own way. I copied several pages out of my book and during that meeting I referred to my "notes" often. Best meeting ever!!

I was 13 when I stopped reading kids books because I thought I was too grown for them. It was just a few years ago that I realized I was just the right age to start reading them again.

My hubby had wanted to get get me an e-reader for years and each time I declined. Then last year Barnes & Noble came out with one that I did have an interest in. Even as he purchased it I worried that this was going to be something I would not use often and that maybe he was wasting his money. I could not have been more wrong or more shocked that not only do I love reading digitally, and read more/faster digitally, but that I did not missed bound books at all. 

The oddest reading spot I ever had was in a shower/locker room. Long ago I worked for a company that rented out a former grade school. As we had no designated break room I would spend my breaks reading in the entrance to the shower facility. It was unused, clean, quiet, and no one would bother me there!

My favorite fiction author, Diana Gabaldon, was in my town for a writers conference. I looked into the cost to attend the conference but it was far too expensive. I did however get the bright idea of emailing her "people" and asking if she planned any other public appearances while in the area. I got an answer quickly that yes, she was going to make a last minute stop with a few other authors from the conference at a local Barnes & Noble. I met a few co-workers there where we mingled like giggley school girls with all the other fans. The night was amazing! Diana read from future works, did a question and answer session, and then signed all the books we had as well as take pictures with anyone who asked. This all happened many years ago and she has not been back to my area since, so I'm very thankful I was able to experience that wonderful night. 


  1. I love buying nonfiction books too and like you, I have more books than I have time to read. I mostly read nonfiction books until I got a Kindle. Reading fiction in while on the train makes the commute bearable. Getting a e-reader is more convenient for me and the quality of the screen is great plus it's not as heavy as my books but I will never give up my buying regular books. (Follow me #5)

    1. I myself don't have much of a commute but I can imagine where an e-reader would be an amazing device to have when going by train, or any mass transit.

      Bound books, or e-readers, it's all good as long as we keep reading!

  2. I have a nook Simple touch with Glow Light, and I love it. I was given one of the first generation nooks by my girlfriend, because we were living in a truck, and she was tired of getting smacked with books every time we hit a bump. So, I got my nook. It's not quite like having a real paper book, but it's also good for impulse buying :)

  3. Yes, e-readers are oh-so-good for the impulse buy! As my sad bank account can attest to!