Wednesday, June 17, 2015

School is in session

College Arcane by John Conroe


Book 8 of the Demon Accords. College. A time of transition from youth to young adulthood. New lessons, new responsibilities, new distractions. A period of life treasured by most. Unless you happen to attend an institute of higher learning where the bullies are werewolves, the teachers are sadists, and the pretty girls are all deadly. A school like that demands a special kind of student, someone with the skills and power to survive. Someone like Declan O'Carroll.

Rate & take


This was writing brilliance! Take all of the specially talented/paranormally gifted teens and young adults that we met earlier in the series and have them live together in a special school and go to regular college at the same time. Tensions and situations happen at every turn, if it weren't for wytchwar* I think that whole school would have been torn to the ground in the those first few weeks of it opening. *Wytchwar is an amazing game that is played at College Arcane, and the only other thing I can say about it is, you will want to play too!! The story leaves us at the end of the first semester where the talents will be heading off the summer internships. I can't wait for that book either!!!

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